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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5695 girls
5695 girls

5695 girls

Scripture provides insights into, and examples of, the way in which girls have a place in the purposes of God. Although the OT tends to portray girls mainly as potential wives or sexual partners, Jesus Christ’s raising of Jairus’daughter can be seen as a symbol of the positive value placed on them.

The portrayal of girls in the OT

As potential wives Jdg 21:21-25 See also Ge 24:12-51; Jdg 11:29-40; 1Sa 18:17-27

As sexual partners Jdg 19:24 This way of treating girls as mere sexual objects illustrates the moral corruption of the men of Gibeah. Though not condemned in this passage, such behaviour was totally contrary to OT law. See also Ge 19:1-8; Ge 34:1-4

Chaste girls were to be protected but promiscuous girls were to be punished Dt 22:13-21

Girls undertaking various kinds of work

As slaves or servants Ex 21:7-9 See also Ru 2:8-9; 1Ki 1:1-4; Ac 12:13-14

Drawing water and tending animals Ex 2:16 See also Ge 24:15-20; 1Sa 9:11

Repairing the walls of Jerusalem Ne 3:12

In domestic service 1Sa 8:13

The place of girls in serving the purposes of God

Girls receive ministry from Jesus Christ and the apostles Mk 5:35-43 pp Mt 9:23-25 pp Lk 8:49-56 See also Mt 15:21-28 pp Mk 7:24-30; Ac 16:16-18

Girls receive and use spiritual gifts Ac 2:16-17 See also Joel 2:28; Ac 21:8-9

Examples of girls serving the purposes of God 2Ki 5:2-6 The example of this servant girl, instrumental in Naaman’s healing, shows that girls have a value and a status before God not generally acknowledged in OT culture; Est 2:1-18 Having become queen under the providence of God, Esther, chosen while a young virgin, is later able to use her influence to save the Jews from fierce persecution; Lk 1:26-33 Mary should be regarded as a girl, as she is a virgin betrothed and not a woman married.

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