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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5691 friends, good
5691 friends, good

5691 friends, good

Those whose commitment from the heart is shown in practical, often sacrificial, care, love and service. They are a source of encouragement, sympathy, comfort and support in time of need. Such relationships are to be cultivated, especially among believers.

Examples of good friends

David and Jonathan 1Sa 18:1-3 See also 1Sa 20:17,42; 2Sa 1:26

Job’s friends Job 2:11

Ruth and Naomi Ru 1:16-17

Paul’s friends in ministry Ro 16:3-5 See also 2Co 2:12-13 Titus; Php 2:25 Epaphroditus; Col 4:7 Tychicus; Col 4:14 Luke; 2Ti 1:2-4 Timothy; Phm 1 Philemon

Other examples 1Sa 22:23 David and Abiathar; 2Sa 10:2 David and Nahash; 2Sa 15:19-21 David and Ittai; 2Sa 15:32-37 David and Hushai; 1Ki 5:1 David and Hiram; 2Ki 2:2 Elijah and Elisha; 2Ki 10:15 Jehonadab and Jehu; Mk 2:3-4 the friends who brought the paralysed man to Jesus Christ

The benefits brought by good friends

Comfort and sympathy Job 2:11-13 See also Pr 17:17

Support and encouragement 1Sa 23:16-17; Pr 18:24; Ecc 4:9-10 See also Pr 27:10; Ecc 4:11-12; Am 3:3; Mt 27:55-56; Mt 28:1; Ro 1:11-12

Sacrificial service Jn 15:13 See also Ro 5:7

Shared joy and sorrow Lk 15:5; Ro 12:15

Loving rebuke Pr 27:6,9; Eph 4:15

Encouragement in good works Ro 14:13; Heb 10:24

Challenge Pr 27:17

Good friendship among believers

Unity in the love and fear of the Lord Ps 119:63 See also Mal 3:16; Php 4:1

Worshipping together Ps 55:13-14; Ps 133:1; Ac 2:42-43,46-47

Sharing possessions Ac 2:44-45; Ac 4:32-35; Ac 11:29

Serving together Gal 2:8-9; Php 1:3-5

Praying for one another Job 42:10; 2Th 1:11-12; Jas 5:16

Living peaceably Ro 12:18; Php 4:2-3

Covering sins Pr 10:12; Pr 16:28; Pr 17:9 A friend does not stir up trouble by spreading details of wrongs suffered, but rather seeks reconciliation; 1Co 13:6; 1Pe 4:8

Restoring from sin Gal 6:1-2; Jas 5:19-20

Jesus Christ is the friend of sinners

Mt 11:19 pp Lk 7:34

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