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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5688 firstborn
5688 firstborn

5688 firstborn

The firstborn male in a family; as in many cultures, in an Israelite family the eldest son had unique privileges, including the right of inheritance. The title “firstborn” was therefore a title of honour.

The privileges of the firstborn

The place of honour in the family Ge 10:15 In this and other lists, the firstborn is specially noted; Ge 43:33 See also Ge 22:21; Ge 25:13; Ge 35:23; Ge 36:15; Ge 46:8; Dt 33:17

The right of inheritance Dt 21:15-17; 2Ch 21:3

The right to a blessing Ge 27:19,30-39

The sin of despising these privileges Ge 25:31-34 See also Heb 12:16-17

These privileges could be transferred Ge 48:14 See also Ge 48:18-19; Ge 49:3-4; 1Ch 2:3; 1Ch 5:1-2; 1Ch 26:10

The death of the firstborn a great tragedy

Ex 4:23 See also Ex 11:4-6; Ex 12:12,29; Nu 33:4; Jos 6:26; 1Ki 16:34; Ps 78:51; Ps 105:36; Ps 135:8; Ps 136:10; Heb 11:28

Repentance likened to grief over the death of a firstborn Zec 12:10

God’s claim upon the firstborn

In ancient times Ge 4:4 See also Ge 22:1-2,12

After the exodus Ex 13:1-2 See also Ex 13:11-15; Ex 22:29; Ex 34:19-20; Nu 18:15,17; Dt 14:23; Dt 15:19; Ne 10:36

The Levites consecrated in place of the firstborn Nu 3:11-13,39-51; Nu 8:15-18

The offering of a firstborn insufficient to redeem from the consequences of sin Mic 6:7

Heathen sacrifice of the firstborn

2Ch 28:3; Eze 20:26

Jesus Christ the “firstborn”

The firstborn of Mary Lk 2:7,22-23

The firstborn of God Ro 8:29 “firstborn” here means that Jesus Christ is above creation, rather than part of it. The title “firstborn” has strong Messianic associations; Col 1:15; Heb 1:6

The “firstborn from the dead” Col 1:18 See also Rev 1:5

God’s people honoured as his “firstborn”

Israel Ex 4:22

David See also Ps 89:27 prophetic of Jesus Christ

Ephraim Jer 31:9

The church Heb 12:23

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