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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5681 family, nature of
5681 family, nature of

5681 family, nature of

A unit ordained by God for the comfort and protection of its members. It is usually a group of relatives, but the people of God are also seen as a family.

The scope of the family in Scripture

The family unit Ge 43:7 See also Ex 1:1; Ex 12:3; Jdg 11:2; 1Sa 1:21; 1Sa 27:3; 2Sa 2:3; 1Ki 17:15; 1Ch 13:14 The family of Obed-Edom is blessed by the presence of the ark; Pr 27:27; Pr 31:15 The wife of noble character provides for her family; Mk 3:21; Lk 12:52; Ac 16:33-34 The Philippian jailer and his family are baptised; 1Ti 5:8

The extended family or clan Ge 24:37-38 See also Ge 24:40; Ge 46:27; Ge 50:22; Nu 2:2; Nu 18:1 the priesthood of Aaron and his family; Dt 25:5 Levirate marriage provides for the continuity of the family; Jos 2:17-18; Jos 6:23,25; 1Sa 22:22; 1Ki 14:14; 2Ki 11:1 pp 2Ch 22:10 Athaliah destroys the royal family of Judah; Ezr 10:16; Jer 35:3; Jer 38:17; Da 1:3

The descendants of any individual Jn 7:42 See also Dt 25:10; Jos 13:29; 1Sa 2:31-32,36; 1Sa 3:11-13; Da 11:7

The people of God Heb 2:10-15 See also Ps 22:22; Am 3:1; Gal 6:10; 1Pe 4:17

Marriage obligations and restrictions within the family

Marriage within the wider family circle was preferable in early times Jdg 14:3 See also Ge 24:1-9,37,40; Ge 27:46-28:2,6-9; Ex 2:1

Incestuous marriage was forbidden Lev 18:6-18 See also Lev 20:17,19-21; Dt 27:20-23; Mt 14:3 pp Mk 6:17; 1Co 5:1-5

The obligation to marry the widow of a dead brother Dt 25:5-10 See also Ge 38:8-10; Ru 2:19-20; Ru 4:1-10; Mt 22:23-32 pp Mk 12:18-27 pp Lk 20:27-38

Laws of inheritance kept property within the family

Nu 27:1-11 See also Lev 25:25-28; Job 42:13-15

Examples of family solidarity

Ge 14:8-16 Abraham and Lot; 2Sa 18:31-33 David and Absalom; Ru 1:11-18 Naomi and Ruth; Ne 4:13; Ac 23:12-24; 1Ti 5:3-4 Family solidarity is encouraged.

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