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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5677 divorce, amongst believers
5677 divorce, amongst believers

5677 divorce, amongst believers

Jesus Christ challenged the liberal approach to divorce taken by some rabbis of his day, and upheld the idea of marriage as a lifelong commitment. Remarriage after divorce is generally classed as adultery and, where possible, divorced parties should seek reconciliation. There are circumstances, however, where remarriage is permissible.

The liberal attitude to divorce

Mt 19:3 See also Dt 21:14; Dt 24:1

The undesirability of divorce

God’s plan for marriage Mt 19:4-6 pp Mk 10:6-9 See also Ge 1:27; Ge 2:24; Mal 2:15; Eph 5:31

Divorce is permitted because of human sinfulness Mt 19:8 pp Mk 10:5

Christians should not seek divorce 1Co 7:10 This command, echoing Jesus Christ’s words, applies where both parties are believers. See also 1Co 7:12-14

Remarriage after divorce

Believers should seek reconciliation 1Co 7:11 See also Dt 24:2-4 Marriage to another after divorce prevents reconciliation.

Remarriage after divorce is classed as adultery Lk 16:18 pp Mk 10:11-12 This is a general rule, though there may be exceptions (see below). See also Ro 7:2-3; 1Co 7:39

Remarriage may be permissible 1Co 7:27-28 “unmarried” means literally “freed from a wife” and thus may be applied to those widowed or properly divorced. It is no sin for them to (re)marry.

Possible grounds for divorce and remarriage Mt 19:9; 1Co 7:15 See also Jer 3:8 God divorced Israel because of her adultery; Mt 1:18-19; Mt 5:32

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