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5668 children, responsibilities to parents

5668 children, responsibilities to parents

Children owe their parents certain important responsibilities, including the duty to honour and obey them.

The duties of children towards their parents

They are to honour their parents Ex 20:12 pp Dt 5:16 See also Pr 17:6; Mk 7:10; Eph 6:1-3

They are to obey their parents Col 3:20-21 See also Eph 6:1

They are to behave well Pr 20:11

Children as a blessing and source of joy to their parents

Ps 127:4-5; Pr 23:24 See also Ps 128:3; Pr 15:20; Pr 27:11; Pr 29:3; Lk 15:23-24

Children born to barren mothers bring special joy

Sarah: Ge 18:11; Ge 21:2 Rachel: Ge 29:31; Ge 30:22 Manoah’s wife: Jdg 13:2,24 Hannah: 1Sa 1:5,20 Elizabeth: Lk 1:7,24,57

Children as a source of grief and disappointment to their parents

Pr 17:25 See also 1Sa 8:3; Pr 17:21; Pr 19:13,26; Pr 28:7; Pr 29:15

The punishment of children

The punishment of wicked children Ex 21:15; Lev 20:9; Dt 21:18-21; Pr 30:17; 2Ti 3:2

The punishment of children for the sins of their fathers

Ex 20:5-6; Nu 14:18; Jer 31:29-30 Jeremiah here stresses the importance of individual responsibility in the present crisis without denying the notion of corporate responsibility; Jer 32:18

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