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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5666 children, needs of
5666 children, needs of

5666 children, needs of

Children need love, affection, discipline and guidance from their parents. This is shown through teaching, training, discipline, the meeting of material needs and the provision of a personal example of faith.

Teaching children

Dt 6:6-7 See also Ex 10:2; Ex 12:26-27; Ex 13:14-15; Dt 4:9; Dt 6:20-21; Dt 11:19; Pr 1:8; Isa 38:19; Joel 1:3

Training children

Pr 22:6; Eph 6:4 See also Dt 31:12-13; Jos 8:35; 2Ki 12:2; Ps 34:11; Ps 78:5; Pr 3:1

Disciplining children

Pr 13:24; Heb 12:7-11 See also Pr 19:18; Pr 22:15; Pr 23:13; Pr 29:15,17; 1Ti 3:4,12

Lack of discipline 1Sa 3:13; 1Ki 1:6

Good examples set for children by parents

David: 1Ki 9:4; 2Ch 17:3
2Ch 26:4 Amaziah Lois and Eunice: 2Ti 1:5; 2Ti 3:15

Bad examples set for children by parents

Ahab and Jezebel: 1Ki 22:52; 2Ch 22:3; Jer 9:14
Mt 14:8 Herodias

Provision and care for children

Mt 7:9-11 pp Lk 11:11-13 See also 1Sa 2:19; Pr 31:15,21; 2Co 12:14

Love for children

Tit 2:4 See also Ge 37:3 Jacob’s special love for Joseph Jacob’s love for Benjamin: Ge 44:20,29-31
2Sa 18:33 David’s love for Absalom; Lk 15:20 the father’s love for the prodigal son

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