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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5660 bridegroom
5660 bridegroom

5660 bridegroom

A man who is to be married or who has just got married. In the NT Jesus Christ is portrayed as a bridegroom and the church as his bride.

The bridegroom and the wedding ceremony

The bridegroom wore special clothing Isa 61:10

The bridegroom took part in the procession to the bride’s home See also Mt 25:1-12

The bridegroom had a group of companions Jdg 14:10-11

The bridegroom had a special friend as an attendant Jn 3:29 See also Jdg 14:20-15:2; Jn 2:7-10 The “master of the banquet” was probably the friend who attended the bridegroom.

The bridegroom was sometimes responsible for giving the wedding banquet Jdg 14:10 See also Jn 2:9-10

The bridegroom led his bride to a specially prepared bridal chamber Joel 2:16 See also Ps 19:4-5

Bridegrooms were associated with happiness and rejoicing

Jer 7:34 See also Isa 62:5; Jer 16:9; Jer 25:10; Jer 33:11; Rev 18:23

Bridegrooms were excused from military service and certain other duties

Dt 24:5 See also Dt 20:1-7

Jesus Christ is portrayed as a bridegroom

Mt 9:14-15 pp Mk 2:18-20 pp Lk 5:33-35 Jesus Christ refers to himself as the bridegroom. See also Eph 5:22-33

The future coming of Jesus Christ compared to the sudden arrival of the bridegroom

Mt 25:1-10

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