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5658 boys

5658 boys

As those who would continue the family line boys were seen as a great blessing from God. Circumcised on the eighth day, as they grew towards maturity they were to be taught by their fathers. In the story of God’s people, Israelite boys are seen serving God, being ministered to by men of God and suffering at the hands of ungodly kings.

Boys in general are seen as a blessing from God

Ps 127:3-5 See also Ru 4:13-17; Ps 128:3-4

Particular boys who are seen as a special gift from God

The boy Isaac, a gift to Abraham and Sarah Ge 17:15-22 See also Ge 21:1-7

The boy Samson, a gift to Manoah and his wife Jdg 13:2-5 See also Jdg 13:24-25

The boy Samuel, a gift to Elkanah and Hannah 1Sa 1:1-20

The boy John, a gift to Zechariah and Elizabeth Lk 1:5-25 See also Lk 1:57-66

The boy Jesus, a gift to Mary and Joseph Lk 1:26-38 See also Mt 1:20-21

Boys were circumcised on the eighth day

Ge 17:9-14 See also Lev 12:3; Lk 1:59; Lk 2:21

Boys were taught by their fathers

Pr 4:1-4 While examples of fatherly instruction in Scripture are confined to wisdom literature and liturgical material, other sources indicate that the education provided was more wide-ranging, and would include the teaching of a trade. See also Ex 13:8; Dt 6:20-25; Pr 4:10-13

Israelite boys who served God

The boy Samuel served God in the temple 1Sa 3:1-21

The boy David served God by killing Goliath 1Sa 17:20-51

The boy King Joash served God 2Ch 24:1-2 pp 2Ki 12:1-2

The boy King Josiah served God 2Ch 34:1-2 pp 2Ki 22:1-2

The boy Jesus had a conscious relationship with God Lk 2:41-50

Boys who are ministered to by men of God

Through Elijah, God restored the life of a widow’s son 1Ki 17:17-23

Through Elisha, God restored the life of a Shunammite’s son 2Ki 4:32-37

Jesus Christ healed a demon-possessed boy Mt 17:14-18 pp Mk 9:14-27 pp Lk 9:37-43

Both Herod and Pharaoh ordered that Israelite boys be killed

Mt 2:16 See also Ex 1:15-22

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