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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5652 babies
5652 babies

5652 babies

The gift of young children from God is usually seen as a blessing. The term is also used figuratively of those who are young or immature in the faith.

Babies as a blessing from God

Ps 127:3 See also Ge 1:28; Ge 17:16; Ge 24:59-60; Pr 17:6; Lk 1:41-42

The promise of a baby

Ge 17:15-19 See also Ge 18:10-14; 2Ki 4:14-17; Lk 1:11-24

Examples of biblical characters as babies

Ge 21:1-7 Isaac; Ge 25:21-26 Esau and Jacob; Ex 2:1-10 Moses; Jdg 13:2-25 Samson; Ru 4:13-17 Obed, the father of Jesse; 2Sa 12:24-25 Solomon; Lk 1:57-66 John the Baptist

Babies as prophetic signs

Isa 7:14 See also Isa 8:3-4; Isa 9:6-7; Hos 1:2-11; Lk 2:8-12

OT laws concerned with the birth of babies

Lk 2:21-24 See also Ge 17:9-12; Ex 13:1-2; Lev 12:1-8; Lk 1:59

A mother’s love for her baby

Isa 49:15 See also 1Ki 3:16-28; Isa 66:12-13

Babies are sinful from birth

Ps 51:5 See also Ps 58:3; Jn 9:34

The death of babies

Ex 1:15-22 See also Ex 11:4-5; 2Sa 12:13-23; La 2:11-12; Mt 2:16-18; Ac 7:17-19

Jesus Christ and babies

Jesus Christ’s own birth and babyhood Mt 1:18-23 See also Isa 7:14; Mt 2:1-23; Lk 1:26-38; Lk 2:1-40

Jesus Christ’s response to babies Lk 18:15-17 pp Mt 19:13-15 pp Mk 10:13-16

Babyhood used as a spiritual image

1Co 3:1-2 See also Ps 8:2; Mt 21:16; Mt 11:25; Ro 2:20; 1Co 14:20; Eph 4:14; Heb 5:11-14; 1Pe 2:2-3

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