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5621 wheel

5621 wheel

Early wheels were solid wooden discs. These were replaced around 1500 B.C. by lighter, spoked wheels. The most common use of wheels is on chariots and carts; they were also used by potters and in machinery for drawing water from a well. The chariot throne of God has wheels which are vividly described.

Chariot wheels

Ex 14:25; Na 3:2 The sound of chariot wheels announces the approach of the enemy. See also 2Ki 7:6; Isa 5:28; Jer 47:3; Joel 2:5; Rev 9:9

Wagon wheels

The Hebrew word for “wheel” is here used for “wagon”: Eze 23:24; Eze 26:10

Threshing wheels

Pr 20:26 Threshing was carried out by driving a sledge or a cart with heavy wheels over the grain. See also Isa 28:27-28

Other examples of wheels

1Ki 7:32-33 The stands for basins in Solomon’s temple were mounted on wheels. See also 1Ki 7:30; Ecc 12:6 A wheel formed part of the machinery for drawing water from a well; Jer 18:3 Potters turned their clay on a wheel.

The wheels of God’s chariot throne

Eze 11:22-23; Da 7:9 See also 2Ki 2:11; Isa 66:15; Eze 1:15-21; Eze 3:12-13; Eze 10:1-19

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