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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5619 weights and measures, distance and area
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5619 weights and measures, distance and area

5619 weights and measures, distance and area

Diverse expressions were used for these measurements, their being determined in the most practical way possible, reckoned by known averages.

Expressions of distance

A bow-shot Ge 21:15-16

Some distance Ex 33:7 A variety of distance often lies behind this expression, as can be seen in the examples that follow. See also Ge 35:16; Ge 36:6; Nu 2:2; 1Sa 26:13; 2Sa 15:17; Mt 8:30

A Sabbath day’s journey Ac 1:12 While this is the only mention of this phrase in Scripture, it was in fact a popular expression, indicating the distance a devout Jew could walk on the Sabbath. It was based on the rabbinical interpretation of Ex 16:29 in the light of Nu 35:5, and was limited to 2,000 cubits.

A day’s journey 1Ki 19:3-4 See also Nu 11:31

A three-day journey Ge 30:36 See also Ex 3:18; Nu 10:33; Ezr 10:7-9; Jnh 3:3

Far away Dt 28:49 See also 1Ki 8:46 pp 2Ch 6:36; Isa 6:12; Eze 11:15-16; Joel 3:8; Zec 6:15; Ac 22:21

Expressions of area

Area expressed by the yoke 1Sa 14:14 The area translated “about half an acre” in the Hebrew means “half a yoke”. The yoke was the area of land ploughed by a yoke of oxen in one day, approximately one acre. See also Isa 5:10 The Hebrew describes the area as “ten-yoke”, that is, the land ploughed by ten yoke of oxen in one day.

Area expressed by the amount of seed required to sow the land Lev 27:16

Area expressed by its constituent measurements Eze 40:47 See also Ex 28:16 pp Ex 39:9; 1Ki 7:23; Eze 45:1-6

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