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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5595 trumpet
5595 trumpet

5595 trumpet

A musical instrument with a loud, piercing sound, used as a signal, both in times of war and of peace. It was also used extensively in Israelite worship and was frequently associated with divine activity.

Trumpets used to summon the Israelites

Nu 10:1-7 See also Isa 27:13

Trumpets sounded to announce religious festivals

Lev 25:8-12 See also Lev 23:24; Nu 10:10; Nu 29:1; Ps 81:3-4 The NIV usually translates the Hebrew word “shophar” as “trumpet”, but in this instance it is translated “ram’s horn”; Joel 2:15

Trumpets sounded to attract public attention

2Sa 20:1 See also 1Sa 13:3; Mt 6:2

Trumpets blown to announce the accession of a king

1Ki 1:39 See also 2Sa 15:10; 1Ki 1:34,41-43; 2Ki 9:13; 2Ki 11:14 pp 2Ch 23:13

Trumpets used to warn of impending danger

Joel 2:1 See also Jer 4:5; Jer 6:1,17; Eze 33:1-6; Hos 8:1; Am 3:6

Use of the trumpet in war

As a call to arms Jdg 6:33-35 See also Jdg 3:27-28; Ne 4:16-20; Isa 18:3; Jer 51:27; Eze 7:14; 1Co 14:8

As a battle cry 2Ch 13:12 See also Jos 6:2-20; Jdg 7:8,16-22; 2Ch 13:14-15; Job 39:24-25; Jer 4:19-21; Jer 42:14; Hos 5:8; Am 2:2; Zep 1:15-16

To signal retreat 2Sa 2:28 See also 2Sa 20:22

Use of the trumpet in worship

Played by priests 2Ch 29:26 See also Ezr 3:10; Ne 12:31-36,40-42

Played in the tabernacle 1Ch 16:6 See also 1Ch 15:24; 1Ch 16:42

Played in the temple 2Ch 5:12-13 See also 2Ki 12:13; 2Ch 7:6; 2Ch 29:27-28

Played to praise God Ps 150:3 See also 1Ch 13:8; 2Ch 15:14-15; 2Ch 20:28; 2Ch 29:26; Ne 12:40-41; Ps 98:4-6

Accompanying the ark of the covenant 1Ch 15:28 pp 2Sa 6:14-15 See also Jos 6:4,8,13

The trumpet associated with divine activity

In visible manifestations of God Ex 19:16-19 See also Ex 20:18; Zec 9:14; Heb 12:18-21

At the second coming of Jesus Christ 1Th 4:16 See also Mt 24:31; 1Co 15:51-52

In metaphorical use Rev 4:1 See also Isa 58:1; Rev 1:10

The trumpet associated with angelic activity

Rev 8:2 See also Rev 8:6-8,10,12-13; Rev 9:1,13-14; Rev 10:7; Rev 11:15

Trumpets sometimes made from silver

Nu 10:2

Trumpets sometimes made from animal horn

Jos 6:4 See also Ex 19:13; Ps 81:3

The trumpet in non-Israelite use

Rev 18:22 See also Jer 51:27

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