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5594 tribute

5594 tribute

Gifts and honours paid as a mark of respect and submission to kings and others in authority; also, praise given to those to whom it is due.

Tribute required by God

The spoils of war Nu 31:28 See also Nu 31:29,36-41

The glory due to his name Ps 96:7-9; Heb 13:15

Tribute paid to kings

Eglon, king of Moab See also Jdg 3:15,17-18

David, from the Moabites 2Sa 8:2 pp 1Ch 18:2

David, from the Arameans See also 2Sa 8:6 pp 1Ch 18:6

Solomon, from all the lands 1Ki 4:21 See also Ezr 4:20

Ben-Hadad’s demands from Ahab 1Ki 20:2-9

Ahab, from the king of Moab 2Ki 3:4

Isaiah’s advice to Moab Isa 16:1-2

Jehoshaphat, from the Philistines and Arabs 2Ch 17:11

Uzziah, from the Ammonites 2Ch 26:8

Jotham, from the Ammonites 2Ch 27:5

The Assyrian kings, from Israel 2Ki 15:19-20; 2Ki 17:3-4; Hos 10:5-6

Pharaoh Neco, from Jehoiakim 2Ki 23:35

Babylonian plunder 2Ki 24:13; 2Ch 36:18

Artaxerxes, from the Jews Ezr 4:13; Ezr 7:24

Xerxes, from the whole empire Est 10:1

Roman taxes Mt 22:17 pp Mk 12:14 pp Lk 20:22

Tribute paid to those in authority

David 2Sa 9:6

Daniel Da 2:46

Haman Est 3:2

Herod Ac 12:21-23

Tribute in the form of praise

David, of Saul and Jonathan 2Sa 1:23-27

Paul, of faithful friends Ro 16:3-13; 2Co 8:22-24; Php 2:19-30; Col 4:7-14; 2Ti 1:16-18

John, of Demetrius 3Jn 12

Christian principles on paying tribute

OT teaching Pr 24:21-22

Jesus Christ’s teaching Mt 22:21 pp Mk 12:17 pp Lk 20:25

Apostolic teaching Ro 13:7 See also 1Pe 2:17

Tribute due to Jesus Christ

Prophesied in the OT Ps 72:10-11 See also Ps 89:22; Isa 52:15

Due because of his exaltation Php 2:9-11 See also Isa 45:23

Fulfilled in the New Jerusalem Rev 21:24,26

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