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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5592 treaty
5592 treaty

5592 treaty

A formal agreement between individuals or nations, promising commitment to each other’s interests. Israel was forbidden to enter into such agreements with other nations in the promised land.

Treaties between individuals

1Sa 18:3-4 See also Ge 21:22-32; Ge 26:26-31; 1Sa 20:8,16-17; 1Sa 22:8; 1Sa 23:18; 2Sa 3:12-13

Treaties between individuals acting on behalf of their nation

1Ki 5:12-18; 1Ki 15:18-19; Isa 33:8 Probably the agreement made when Hezekiah paid large sums to Sennacherib (2Ki 18:14); Eze 17:12-14

Treaties between cities or nations

Jos 9:3-16; Jos 10:1; Jos 11:18-19; 1Sa 11:1-2; Hos 12:1

Treaties entered into should be honoured

Eze 17:15-18 See also Jer 34:8-20; Da 11:22-24 “he will act deceitfully” (verse 23), is a reference to Antiochus Epiphanes (of the Seleucid dynasty) who reneged on the friendship shown to Egypt; Hos 10:4; Am 1:9-10; Gal 3:15

Israel forbidden to enter into treaties with other nations in the promised land

Dt 7:1-2 See also Ex 23:31-32; Ex 34:11-12,15-16; Dt 23:6; 1Ki 20:34,42-43; Ezr 9:12

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