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5591 treasure

5591 treasure

Highly valued objects or accumulated riches. Treasure has at best only short-term benefit but can bring spiritual dangers. Spiritual treasure is of eternal value and comes from knowing and serving God.

The limitations of accumulated treasure

It is easily lost Isa 64:11 See also 2Ki 24:13; Jer 15:13; Jer 17:3; Jer 20:5; La 1:10-11; Hos 13:15; Ob 6; Mt 6:19; Jas 5:2-3; Rev 18:14

It is no security against God’s displeasure Pr 11:4 See also Job 20:20; Jer 51:13; Eze 7:19; Hos 9:6; Zep 1:18; Lk 12:16-21

It does not satisfy Ecc 5:10 See also Ps 39:6; Hag 1:6

The spiritual dangers of accumulated treasure

It can lead to pride 1Ti 6:17 See also Dt 8:13-14; Eze 7:20; Eze 28:4-5; Da 4:30

It can lead a person away from God Rev 3:17 See also Job 31:24-25,28; Pr 11:28

It can lead to greed Lk 12:15 See also 1Ti 6:9-10

Acquiring it can lead to dishonesty Jos 7:21; Ps 62:10; Pr 21:6

It can lead to idolatry Ex 32:2-4; Isa 2:7-8; Eze 7:20; Eze 16:17

Spiritual treasure

Treasure consists in knowing God and his wisdom Col 2:2-3 See also Job 28:12-19; Pr 2:4; Pr 3:13-15; Pr 8:10-11; Pr 24:3-4; Isa 33:6

God’s word is supreme treasure Job 23:12; Ps 19:9-10; Ps 119:72,127

The kingdom of God is supreme treasure Mt 13:44 See also Mt 13:45-46,52

Spiritual treasure is more important than material possessions Heb 11:26 See also Job 22:23-25; Mt 13:44-46

It is of eternal value Lk 12:33 See also Mt 6:20; 1Pe 1:4

It is gained through generosity and wisdom Mt 19:21 pp Mk 10:21 pp Lk 18:22 See also Pr 8:21; Pr 15:6; 1Ti 6:18-19

Treasure reveals true commitment

Mt 6:21 pp Lk 12:34 See also Mt 6:24 pp Lk 16:13

Believers willingly give God their treasures

Mt 2:11 See also Ex 35:22; Jos 6:24; 1Ch 29:3-5

God’s people are his treasured possession

Dt 7:6 See also Ex 19:5; Dt 14:2; Dt 26:18; Ps 135:4; Mal 3:17

The gospel as treasure in clay jars

2Co 4:7

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