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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5586 town
5586 town

5586 town

A large concentration of dwellings, often walled, to be distinguished from the larger cities.

A town was a large concentration of dwellings

1Sa 23:7 See also Jos 19:50; Mk 6:10; Ac 16:4

Town officials

Dt 16:18; Jdg 8:14-16 See also Dt 19:12; Dt 21:3,19; Dt 22:15; Dt 25:7; Ru 4:2; 1Sa 16:4; Ezr 10:14; Lk 18:2-3

Town records

Ru 4:10 See also Lk 2:3-4

Laws concerning towns

Lev 25:33; Nu 35:4-5

Town celebrations and worship

Dt 16:5 See also 1Sa 9:10-14; 1Sa 20:29; 2Ch 28:25

The town was a close-knit community

Ru 1:19 See also 1Sa 4:13

Towns associated with Jesus Christ

Mt 13:54 Nazareth, his home town; Lk 4:31 Capernaum in Galilee; Lk 8:1,4; Jn 4:5 Sychar in Samaria

Wickedness in towns

Dt 13:13 See also Jdg 6:30; 2Ki 2:23; 2Ch 30:10; Mt 23:34

Judgment on towns

Dt 13:15; Isa 25:2 See also 2Ki 3:19; Mt 10:11

See also

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