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5583 tools

5583 tools

Implements used for agricultural or mechanical purposes. Early tools were of wood, flint or stone. The development of ironworking brought iron-bladed tools and farm implements into common use. Axes were used to fell trees; hammers, chisels and saws were used by both carpenters and masons. Assyria and Babylon are depicted as tools in God’s hand.

Tools made from iron and bronze

General references Ge 4:22 See also 2Sa 12:31 pp 1Ch 20:3 saws, iron picks and axes; 2Sa 23:7 iron tools

Iron axe-heads 2Ki 6:4-5 Axes comprised an iron head fitted to a wooden shaft. See also Dt 19:5

Sharpening iron tools 1Sa 13:19-21 A ploughshare is the cutting blade of a plough. A mattock is a large pick with a flat edge used for loosening soil and cutting. See also Ecc 10:10

Tools used in specific tasks

Axes used for felling trees Jdg 9:48 See also Dt 20:19-20; Ps 74:5-6
Mt 3:10 pp Lk 3:9 Felling trees with an axe as a symbol of judgment. See also Jer 46:22-23

Woodworking tools Isa 44:13 See also Ex 21:6 pp Dt 15:17 awl; Jer 10:3-4 chisel, hammer and nails

Metalworking tools Job 19:24 See also Ex 28:36 pp Ex 39:30; Jer 17:1
Isa 41:7 See also Ex 32:4; Isa 44:12; Jer 10:9

Stoneworking tools 1Ki 6:7; 1Ki 7:9 Saws were used in both carpentry and stonemasonry. See also Ex 34:1; Dt 10:3; Isa 22:16; Jer 23:29 No tools were to be used on stones for an altar: Ex 20:25; Dt 27:5; Jos 8:31

Agricultural tools Isa 2:4 pp Mic 4:3 A pruning hook is a curved blade used in pruning. See also Joel 3:10; Isa 18:5 pruning knives; Isa 30:24 fork and shovel A winnowing fork is a wooden pitchfork used to toss grain into the wind: Jer 15:7; Mt 3:12 pp Lk 3:17

The nations as tools in God’s hand

Isa 10:15 Assyria is used by God to punish his people. See also Isa 10:5; Jer 50:23 Babylon is a hammer in God’s hand.

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