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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5580 thirst
5580 thirst

5580 thirst

Water is basic to human life. In Scripture the physical need to drink is often used as a picture of human spiritual need that only God can satisfy.

Physical thirst quenched

Ex 17:1-6 See also Nu 20:2-11; Dt 8:15; Jdg 15:18-19; Ne 9:15,20; Ps 78:15-16; Ps 105:41; Ps 107:4-9,33,35; Ps 114:8; Isa 48:21

The satisfaction of spiritual thirst

It is to be found in God Isa 41:17-18 See also Ps 23:1-2; Isa 12:2-3; Isa 35:6-7; Isa 58:11

It is experienced through Jesus Christ 1Co 10:3-4 See also Jn 4:7-14; Jn 6:35

It is known by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit Jn 7:38-39

The blessing is mediated through believers to others See also Isa 32:2; Jn 7:38

There is no satisfaction of spiritual thirst apart from God

Jer 2:13 See also Isa 65:13; Jer 2:17-18; 2Pe 2:17 False teachers promise blessing and refreshment to others, but prove to be empty and worthless.

Invitations to seek satisfaction for spiritual thirst in God

Isa 55:1 See also Jn 7:37; Rev 22:17

Those seeking satisfaction for spiritual thirst in God

Examples of seekers Ps 42:1-2 See also Ps 38:9; Ps 63:1; Ps 143:6; Isa 26:9

They will be rewarded Mt 5:6

Heaven is their final reward Rev 7:16-17 See also Eze 47:1-12; Zec 14:8-9; 2Co 5:2; 2Ti 4:8; Heb 11:16; Rev 21:6-7; Rev 22:1-3

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