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5576 tax collectors

5576 tax collectors

Governments have a right to collect taxes, but those who collect them have often been unpopular, not least because they seem to have demanded more than they were entitled to. Jesus Christ welcomed such people, as he did other sinners, and many repented as a result of his affirming attitude.

Honest tax collectors deserve respect

Ro 13:6-7

Temple taxes collected by Levites See also 2Ch 24:6,9

Temple tax paid by Jesus Christ Mt 17:24-26

Tax collectors often unpopular

In NT times Lk 18:11 Tax collectors were widely suspected of corruption.

Tax collectors despised as collaborators with Rome

Jesus Christ recognises this popular contempt See also Mt 5:46; Mt 18:17; Lk 18:11

Many tax collectors come to John

Lk 3:12-13 See also Mt 21:31-32; Lk 7:29

Many tax collectors flock around Jesus Christ

Lk 15:1 See also Mt 9:10 pp Mk 2:15 pp Lk 5:29

Jesus Christ criticised for eating with tax collectors Lk 15:2 See also Mt 9:11 pp Mk 2:16 pp Lk 5:30; Mt 11:19 pp Lk 7:34; Lk 19:1-7

Jesus Christ defends his concern Mt 9:12-14 pp Mk 2:17 pp Lk 5:31 See also Lk 15:3-4 The parables in Luke chapter 15 are in part a defence of Jesus Christ’s concern for tax collectors and sinners.

Tax collectors converted

In the parable Lk 18:13-14

Matthew Levi Mt 9:9 pp Mk 2:13-14 pp Lk 5:27-28

Zacchaeus See also Lk 19:1-9

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