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5572 sword

5572 sword

A hand-wielded blade in common use throughout biblical times as a weapon of war and in OT times as an instrument of execution. The sword is also a symbol of aggression, authority and power.

The sword as the principal weapon of war

It was in common use Ex 17:13 See also Nu 21:24-35; Jos 11:10-12; Jos 19:47

Swordsmen fought and fell in great numbers Jdg 3:28-30 See also Jdg 20:17; 2Sa 24:9

Some swordsmen showed great strength and ability 2Sa 23:10 See also 1Sa 21:8-9; 2Sa 23:12

The sword used for other purposes

As an instrument of execution and decapitation 2Sa 1:14-16 See also 1Sa 15:33; 1Sa 17:51; 1Sa 22:18-19; 1Ki 19:1; Ac 12:2; Ro 8:35

For murder 2Ki 19:37 See also Jos 6:21; 1Ki 2:34; Ac 12:2

For committing suicide 1Sa 31:4-6 pp 1Ch 10:4 See also Ac 16:27

Metaphorical use of the sword

To symbolise God’s opposition to the sinful Ge 3:24 See also Nu 22:21-23,31; Dt 33:29

To symbolise warfare Lev 26:6-8

To symbolise temporal power Eze 32:11-12 See also Ps 45:3; Mic 5:6

To symbolise suffering Lk 2:34-35

To symbolise judgment Ex 5:3; Mt 10:34 See also Jdg 7:20-22; 2Ch 20:9; Ps 7:12; Isa 31:8; Jer 50:35-37; Eze 11:8-10; Eze 21:3; Eze 33:2

To symbolise the word of God Eph 6:17 See also Heb 4:12; Rev 1:16; Rev 2:12

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