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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5545 spear
5545 spear

5545 spear

A weapon of warfare for stabbing or throwing. God promises a time when they will be changed into instruments of peace.

People killed by spears

Nu 25:6-8; 2Sa 2:23; 2Sa 18:14; 2Sa 23:21 pp 1Ch 11:23

Jesus Christ pierced by a spear

Jn 19:34 See also Isa 53:5; Zec 12:10; Jn 20:27; Rev 1:7

Armies of Judah armed with spears

2Ch 11:12; 2Ch 14:8; 2Ch 25:5; 2Ch 26:14; Ne 4:13

Armies of other nations that used spears

The Philistines 1Sa 17:7

The Babylonians Jer 6:22-23

The Egyptians 2Sa 23:21 pp 1Ch 11:23; Jer 46:2-4

The Romans Jn 19:34

God’s people are not to trust in spears but in God

1Sa 17:47 See also 1Sa 17:45-46

King Saul and his spear

Used against David 1Sa 18:10-11 See also 1Sa 19:9-10

Used against Jonathan 1Sa 20:33

David takes Saul’s spear See also 1Sa 26:5-24

Joshua’s spear used as a sign of victory

Jos 8:18 See also Jos 8:19,25-26

Goliath’s spear symbolises his strength

1Sa 17:7,45-47; 2Sa 21:19; 1Ch 20:5

Spears will be turned into pruning hooks

Isa 2:4 pp Mic 4:3 Some believe that the peace described in Isa 2:1-4 has been inaugurated with the coming of Jesus Christ. Others maintain that it refers to conditions that will obtain during a future reign of Jesus Christ on earth. The details are generally taken to be figurative rather than literal. See also Ps 46:9

Pruning hooks will be turned into spears

Joel 3:10

See also

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