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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5544 soldiers
5544 soldiers

5544 soldiers

Active members of an army, whatever their rank. Paul uses the term frequently in his letters to draw attention to the fact that believers are engaged in spiritual warfare.

Armies of soldiers under different commanders

Moses’soldiers Nu 31:27-28,32

Joshua’s soldiers Jos 8:10-19

Abimelech’s soldiers Jdg 9:34-35

Benjamin’s soldiers Jdg 20:14-16

Philistine soldiers 1Sa 13:5

Saul’s soldiers 1Sa 13:22; 1Sa 15:4,15,21; 1Sa 26:7

Hadadezer’s soldiers 2Sa 8:4

Aramean soldiers 2Sa 10:6

Jehoahaz’soldiers 2Ki 13:7

David’s soldiers 2Sa 3:23 David’s soldiers under Joab; 2Sa 23:8-39 pp 1Ch 11:10-47 David’s mighty men; 2Sa 24:1-9 pp 1Ch 21:1-16 David displeased the Lord by counting his fighting men; 1Ch 12:23-38; 1Ch 27:1-22

Zedekiah’s soldiers 2Ki 25:5

Babylonian soldiers Jer 41:3

Individual soldiers

2Ki 5:1 See also 1Sa 14:28; 2Ch 17:17; Da 3:20-22

Soldiers came to John the Baptist

Lk 3:14

Soldiers involved in the last events of Jesus Christ’s life on earth

In his arrest and trial Lk 23:11,36; Jn 18:3,12; Jn 19:2

In his crucifixion Mt 27:27; Jn 19:16,23-24,32-34

After his crucifixion Mt 27:65-66

After his resurrection Mt 28:2-4,12,15

Soldiers involved in the lives of the apostles

Peter Ac 12:4,6,18

Paul Ac 21:32,35,37

Soldiers used metaphorically

Eze 27:27; Eze 39:20; Joel 2:7; Am 2:15-16

Paul draws parallels between a soldier and a Christian

1Co 9:7 An apostle has a right to be supported in material things by those to whom he preaches.

Christians are called fellow-soldiers See also Php 2:25; Phm 2

Christians must put Jesus Christ first 2Ti 2:3-4

God as the commander of an army of soldiers

Ps 89:8 The term here translated “Lord God Almighty” can be translated “Lord God of hosts” or “Lord God of armies”. See also 1Ki 19:10; Jer 5:14; Hos 12:5; Am 4:13

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