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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5533 sleep, physical
5533 sleep, physical

5533 sleep, physical

A gift from God providing necessary rest, usually at night, for the restoration of mind and body. It is sometimes denied, sometimes used by God for his purposes and sometimes abused by people.

Sleep is a gift from God

It is pleasant and refreshing Ecc 5:12 See also 1Ki 19:5; Jer 31:26; Jn 11:12-13

It is God’s gift to his faithful people Ps 127:2 See also Pr 3:21-24

It is often denied to the wicked Isa 48:22

Sleep as a nocturnal activity

It is associated with night-time 1Th 5:7 See also Lk 17:34; Jn 9:4; Ro 13:11-12

It is associated with dreams Ge 28:11-12; Ge 41:1,5; Isa 29:7-8; Da 2:1; Da 4:5; Da 7:1

It is associated with sexual activity Ge 30:15-16; 2Sa 11:4 Abraham and Hagar: Ge 16:2,4
Ge 26:10; Ge 30:3-5; Ge 35:22; Ge 38:18; Ge 39:14; Ex 22:16; Dt 22:22; 2Sa 3:7; Heb 13:4

Blessings in sleep

Peace Ps 4:8 See also Mt 8:24 pp Mk 4:38 pp Lk 8:23; Ac 12:6

Protection Ps 121:3-4 See also Ps 3:5-6; Ps 68:13; Eze 34:25

Deep and light sleep

Deep sleep for the creation of Eve Ge 2:21

Deep sleep for revelation See also Ge 15:12; Job 4:12-13; Job 33:14-18; Da 7:2,13; Ac 16:9

Deep sleep as a judgment 1Sa 26:12; Isa 29:10 The sleep in this instance is symbolic.

Light sleep SS 5:2

Sleeping at the wrong time

While on duty Pr 19:15; Mt 28:13; Mk 13:36

During harvest Pr 10:5

Instead of praying Jnh 1:5-6; Mt 26:40 pp Mk 14:37 pp Lk 22:45-46

During a sermon Ac 20:9

At the transfiguration Lk 9:32

Amidst danger Jdg 16:13-14,19; Pr 6:1-5; Pr 23:34; Mt 13:25

Excessive sleep

Pr 6:9-11 See also Pr 20:13; Pr 23:21; Isa 56:10

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