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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5531 skill
5531 skill

5531 skill

A trade or craft acquired by training or practice, or a special ability or expertise that may be an endowment of the Holy Spirit. Scripture lists many skills and abilities, particularly used in the building of the tabernacle and temple.

Skill offered in God’s service

Ex 35:10; 1Ch 22:15-16 See also 1Ch 28:21

Skill in particular crafts

In working metal 2Ch 2:7 Skill with silver: Jdg 17:4; Ac 19:24
1Ki 7:14-15,41-45 pp 2Ch 4:12-16 Skill with gold: 2Ch 3:5-7; Isa 46:6
2Ti 4:14

In working stone 1Ch 22:2 See also 1Ki 5:15-18 pp 2Ch 2:2; 1Ki 6:36; 1Ki 7:9-12

With timber 1Ki 5:6 pp 2Ch 2:8-9 See also 1Ki 6:14-36

With fabrics Ex 38:23 Skill in embroidery: Ex 26:1,36; Ex 28:39 Skill in weaving: Ex 29:5; Ex 39:1-5
Ex 35:25 skill in spinning

With music 1Ch 15:22; 2Ch 34:12-13; Ps 33:3

Other skills Ge 25:27 hunting Seamanship: 1Ki 9:27; Eze 27:8
Job 32:22 flattery; Ps 45:1 writing Enchanting: Ps 58:5; Isa 3:3
Ps 78:72 leadership; Jer 2:33 love; Jer 9:17 Mourning: professional mourners were a feature of life in Bible times; Jer 50:9 fighting; Eze 28:5 trading

Undesirable skills

In constructing idols Isa 44:13 See also Isa 40:19-20; Isa 41:7; Jer 10:9; Hos 13:2; Ac 17:29

Doing evil Jer 4:22 See also Isa 25:11; Eze 21:31; Mic 7:3

Acquiring skill

Through training 1Ch 5:18; 2Ch 2:13-14 Military skill: Ge 14:14; 2Ch 26:11
1Ch 25:7 musical skill; Lk 6:40 teaching abilities; 1Co 9:25 Athletic prowess requires strict training; Heb 5:14 distinguishing good from evil through proper training

Skills given by God Ex 31:1-6 pp Ex 35:30-35 These skills may well have been developed through training, but they are recognised as gifts from God. See also Ex 36:1-2; Dt 33:11 Moses prays for Levi’s skills to be blessed by God; Isa 50:4 Skill in the right use of words comes from God; Ro 12:6-8 Special abilities are given by God to believers.

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