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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5518 seal
5518 seal

5518 seal

A personalised design used to produce an imprint in clay or wax which was then attached, usually to documents and letters as a mark of ownership, authenticity and authority. A seal might also refer to what is given as a pledge or guarantee or be used to keep something secure.

The nature and use of a seal

Seals engraved on precious stone Ex 28:11 pp Ex 39:6 See also Ex 28:21 pp Ex 39:14; Ex 28:36 pp Ex 39:30

Seals used to imprint soft clay Job 38:14

Ways of carrying a personal seal

Figuratively used SS 8:6

Worn round the neck Ge 38:18 The seal took the form of an engraved cylinder pierced from end to end and worn on a cord round the neck. See also Ge 38:25

Worn as a signet ring Jer 22:24 See also Nu 31:50; Isa 3:21

A seal as a mark of authority

Given to signify delegation of authority Ge 41:42; Est 3:10; Est 8:2; Rev 7:2

God’s seal validates his servants’ministry Jn 6:27; 1Co 9:2

A seal authenticates documents Est 8:8-10 See also 1Ki 21:8; Est 3:12

A seal used to keep something secure

Da 6:17 See also Dt 32:34; Job 14:17; Ps 40:9; SS 4:12; Mt 27:65-66; Rev 20:3

Documents sealed to prevent alteration

Binding agreements Ne 9:38-10:1 See also Jer 32:10-11,14,44

The words of prophecy Da 12:4 See also Isa 8:16-17; Isa 29:10-11; Da 8:26; Da 9:24; Da 12:9; Rev 10:4; Rev 22:10

The scroll and its seals Rev 5:1-4,9 See also Rev 5:5; Rev 6:1-12; Rev 8:1

A seal as a pledge or guarantee

Dt 29:12; Hag 2:23; Ro 4:11

A seal as a mark of belonging

The mark of the beast Rev 13:16-17; Rev 14:9-11

God’s seal of ownership 2Ti 2:19; Rev 7:3-8 See also Eze 9:4; Gal 6:17; Rev 9:4

The Spirit as a pledge of final redemption 2Co 1:21-22 The Holy Spirit both seals believers as belonging to God and guarantees their future inheritance. See also Eph 1:13-14; Eph 4:30

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