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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5517 seafaring
5517 seafaring

5517 seafaring

Ideas and images drawn from seafaring are used in Scripture to illustrate important aspects of the Christian life. Although Israel was not a seafaring nation, ships and sailing played a part in her history, as they did in the spreading of the gospel in the NT.

Israel’s harbours

Ge 49:13 See also Jdg 5:17

The art of shipbuilding

Eze 27:3-9

Ships used for various purposes

Deliverance from danger: Noah’s ark Ge 6:1-9:17

Trade 1Ki 9:27-28 pp 2Ch 8:18 Eze 27:25 See also 1Ki 10:11,22 pp 2Ch 9:21; 1Ki 22:48-49 pp 2Ch 20:35-37

Slavery Dt 28:68; Rev 18:11-13

Invasion Nu 24:24 See also Eze 30:9; Da 11:30,40

To carry refugees Isa 60:9

To carry passengers Jnh 1:3; Mt 9:1; Ac 13:4 See also Mt 14:13; Mt 15:39; Mk 3:9; Ac 13:13; Ac 14:26; Ac 15:39; Ac 16:11; Ac 18:18 Paul sails for Syria with Aquila and Priscilla; Ac 18:21; Ac 20:3,6,13-16; Ac 21:1-3,6-7; Ac 27:1-8; Ac 28:11-13


Ps 107:23-30; 2Co 11:25 See also 1Ki 22:48 pp 2Ch 20:37; Jnh 1:3-15; Mt 8:23-27 pp Mk 4:35-41 pp Lk 8:22-26; Mt 14:22-33 pp Mk 6:45-53 pp Jn 6:16-21; Ac 27:9-44

Judgment on seafarers

Isa 23:1 See also Isa 2:16; Isa 23:14; Isa 33:21-23; Isa 43:14; Eze 27:26-36; Rev 18:17-19

Metaphorical references to ships and seafaring

Spiritual immaturity as a ship tossed at sea Eph 4:14

Abandoning sound teaching as shipwreck 1Ti 1:19

Faith as an anchor Heb 6:19

Other seafaring analogies Jas 3:4-5 See also Ps 48:7; Pr 31:14; Jas 1:6

Noah’s ark as a symbol of Jesus Christ 1Pe 3:20

See also

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