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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5515 scroll
5515 scroll

5515 scroll

A long strip of leather or papyrus on which people wrote.

Writing on a scroll

Ex 17:14; Nu 5:23; Dt 17:18; Ezr 6:2; Ps 40:7; Isa 30:8; Jer 36:2,4,18; Lk 4:17; Heb 10:7; Rev 1:11

With a pen Isa 8:1

In ink Jer 36:18

In columns Jer 36:23

A scroll written on both sides was unusual These references indicate a saturation of the scroll with words of God’s judgment: Eze 2:9-10; Zec 5:2-3; Rev 5:1

A scroll was often sealed to protect its contents

Isa 29:11; Da 12:4; Rev 5:1-2,9

Scrolls were of various sizes

Isa 8:1; Rev 10:2

Unrolling and rolling up a scroll

Eze 2:9-10; Lk 4:17,20 The rolling up of a scroll is used metaphorically of the final judgment: Isa 34:4; Rev 6:14

A scroll may represent the word of God

Rev 10:2 The image of “eating the scroll” points to the need to become totally immersed in the word of God: Eze 2:9-3:4; Rev 10:8-10

A scroll may represent the revelation of God’s purposes

Rev 5:1-5

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