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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5513 sceptre
5513 sceptre

5513 sceptre

A staff, generally ornate, held as a symbol of sovereign authority.

God’s own authority is symbolised as a sceptre

Ps 45:6 See also Ge 49:10; Nu 24:17; Ps 60:7 pp Ps 108:8; Isa 30:31

The sceptre is a symbol of Jesus Christ’s reign

Heb 1:8 See also Ps 45:6; Ge 49:10; Nu 24:17; Ps 110:2; Rev 2:27; Ps 2:9; Rev 19:15; Rev 12:5

Earthly rulers had sceptres as symbols of authority

Their description Est 4:11; Eze 19:11 See also Est 5:2; Est 8:4; Eze 19:14

OT examples Nu 21:18 See also Ps 125:3; Isa 14:5; Jer 48:17; Eze 19:11,14; Eze 21:10,13; Am 1:5,8; Zec 10:11

The extension of a ruler’s sceptre to one of his subjects was a sign of favour

Est 5:2 See also Est 4:11; Est 8:4

Jesus Christ’s tormentors gave him a mock sceptre

Mt 27:29

See also

1130God, sovereignty
2570Christ, suffering

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