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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5509 rulers
5509 rulers

5509 rulers

Officials who, acting as God’s servants, govern others and exercise authority over them. Also the originators of the laws of their realms. In the NT, rulers are also spiritual powers.

Officials exercising authority over people

Mt 20:25 pp Mk 10:42 See also 2Ch 23:20; Ps 2:2; Pr 28:2; Isa 16:1; Da 5:7; Hos 13:10; Lk 1:52; Lk 12:11; Ac 7:27; Ex 2:14; 1Co 2:6-8

Godly rulers in foreign lands Ps 105:16-22; Da 2:48

Importance of submitting to civil authorities Ro 13:3; Tit 3:1

Examples of rulers

Rulers of areas apart from Israel Ge 25:16; Ge 34:2; Ge 41:41; Ge 45:8; 2Ch 32:31; Eze 28:2; Eze 31:11; Da 9:1; Ac 7:10,18

The five Philistine rulers Jos 13:3 The Hebrew word translated “rulers” is related to the word “tyrant” and is only used of Philistines rulers. See also Jdg 3:3; Jdg 15:11; Jdg 16:18; 1Sa 5:8; 1Sa 6:16; 1Sa 29:2; 1Ch 12:19

The king of Israel is referred to as a ruler 2Sa 5:1-2 pp 1Ch 11:1-2 See also 1Ki 1:34-35; 1Ki 11:34; 1Ch 5:2; Mic 5:1

Other rulers of Israel (or parts of it) 1Ki 22:26 pp 2Ch 18:25; Ne 3:9; Isa 1:23; Jer 30:21; Mic 3:1; Mt 2:6; Lk 18:18

One of three groups that made up the Sanhedrin Ac 4:5 See also Lk 23:13; Lk 24:20; Jn 7:48; Ac 4:8; Ac 13:27

Jesus Christ is described as a ruler Rev 1:5 See also Mt 2:6; Mic 5:2; Rev 3:14

God the Father is also called a ruler 1Ti 6:15

A ruler as the originator of the laws of his realm

Pr 8:15

Rulers are appointed by God

Ro 13:1-2 See also 2Sa 6:21; 2Sa 7:7-8 pp 1Ch 17:6-7; 1Ki 11:34; Ps 2:7 fn; Isa 44:28; Jer 27:6; Da 2:38; Da 4:17; Jn 19:11; Ro 9:17; Ex 9:16

Rulers are God’s servants

Ro 13:4 See also Isa 45:1; Jer 25:9; Jer 43:10

Rulers are God’s representatives

Ps 58:1 The Hebrew word translated “rulers” literally means “gods” a title given to those whose position called for them to act as earthly representatives of God’s heavenly court. See also Ps 82:1; Jn 10:34-35; Ps 82:6; Ac 23:5; Ex 22:28

Rulers as spiritual powers

Eph 3:10 See also Eph 1:21 In the NT, rulers are spiritual powers, some of whom exercise a Satanic authority; Eph 6:12; Col 1:16

Synagogue rulers

Mk 5:22 pp Mt 9:18 pp Lk 8:41 The ruler of a synagogue looked after the building and supervised the worship in it. See also Mk 5:35-36 pp Lk 8:49-50; Mk 5:38; Lk 13:14; Ac 13:15; Ac 18:8,17

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