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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5504 rights
5504 rights

5504 rights

The basis of a claim to respect, and just and fair treatment. God has rights over his creation as a result of his sovereignty and authority. Through being the height of his creation, human beings also have rights, which are to be respected.

The rights that God gives

God gives rights to the poor and needy Ex 22:22 See also Ex 22:25-27; Lev 19:9-10; Job 36:6

God gives rights to slaves Lev 22:11 See also Ex 21:2-6 pp Dt 15:12-18; Ex 21:7-11,26-27

God gives rights to strangers Lev 19:33-34 See also Ex 22:21; Lev 19:10

God gives rights to those who commit manslaughter Nu 35:9-12 See also Dt 4:41-42; Jos 20:1-6

God gives rights in marriage 1Co 7:3-5 See also Ex 21:7-11; Dt 22:13-21; Eph 5:22-33

God gives rights to parents Col 3:20 pp Eph 6:1 See also Ex 20:12 pp Dt 5:16; 1Ti 5:4

God gives rights to children Heb 12:16 See also Ge 25:29-34; Dt 21:15-17; 1Ch 5:1-2; Eph 6:4

God gives rights to Christians Jn 1:12 See also Gal 3:26-4:7; Rev 2:7; Rev 3:21; Rev 22:14

God gives rights to leaders 1Co 9:18 See also 1Co 9:1-17; 1Ti 5:17-18

Why God gives rights

God gives rights to keep an orderly society Lev 19:29 See also Dt 15:1-6

God gives rights to protect people Dt 19:15 See also Lev 25:23-43,47-55

The defence of rights

God, the defender of rights Mic 7:8-10 The implied speaker here is Israel. See also Dt 10:18; Ps 68:5; Pr 23:10-11

Abuse of rights punished by God Isa 10:1-4 See also Jer 5:26-29; Am 2:6-8

Leaders are to protect the rights of others Ps 72:1-4 See also Pr 31:4-9; Ecc 5:8

The rights which God has

God has a right to be worshipped 2Ki 17:36 See also Mt 4:10 pp Lk 4:8; Dt 6:13; Jn 4:24

God has a right to be obeyed Dt 10:12-13 See also Dt 26:16-18; Dt 30:16

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