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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5496 revenge, examples of
5496 revenge, examples of

5496 revenge, examples of

Ungodly people are often vengeful, and even Christians are not always exemplary in this respect. However, each case should be considered on its merits, and the claims of justice taken into account.

Revenge among the ungodly

Lk 6:11 pp Mt 12:14 pp Mk 3:6 See also Ge 4:24 Compare Lamech’s words with those of Jesus Christ in Mt 18:21-22; 1Ki 19:2 Jezebel; 1Ki 22:27 Ahab; Est 3:6 Haman; Eze 25:15 the Philistines Herodias: Mk 6:19,24
Ac 5:33 the Sanhedrin; Ac 23:12 unbelieving Jews

Revenge among God’s people

Jdg 8:4-9; Est 9:1,5 See also Ge 16:5-6; Gal 4:30; Jdg 16:28-30 Samson; 1Sa 25:10-13; 2Sa 10:4-7 David did not retaliate at once, but only when a military threat appeared; 2Sa 3:27 Joab; Lk 9:51-56 James and John; Jn 18:10-11 Peter; Ac 23:2-5 Paul

Examples of non-retaliation

By Jesus Christ 1Pe 2:23 See also Isa 50:6-7; Isa 53:7; Lk 23:34

By David 1Sa 24:1-12; Ps 35:11-14,17; Ps 38:12-15

By others Ge 50:15-21 Joseph; 1Sa 12:23 Samuel; 1Ki 22:24-25 Micaiah; Job 31:29 Job; Ac 7:59-60 Stephen

Expressions of desire for revenge

Ps 28:4; Ps 109:8-14; Ps 137:8-9; Jer 15:15; Jer 18:21; Gal 1:8-9; Gal 5:12; Rev 6:10; Rev 16:5-7; Rev 18:6,20

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