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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5489 rank
5489 rank

5489 rank

A person’s seniority and/or status, especially in military, government or priestly positions. Christians should not be concerned about rank or status.

Differences in rank amongst those in charge of both military and civil affairs

Emperor Lk 2:1; Lk 3:1

King 2Sa 5:3-5; 1Ki 4:1

Judge Jdg 2:16-19 The book of Judges calls individual judges “deliverers” e.g., 3:9, 15.

Prince Jdg 5:15; 2Sa 3:38

Leader Nu 2:3-7,10-12; Jdg 4:4; 1Sa 10:1

Military ranks

Commander 2Sa 2:8; Ac 24:22

Captain Ge 39:1; Jdg 5:14; 2Ki 1:9-13; Isa 3:3

Officer 1Ki 4:5; 1Ki 9:22; 1Ch 27:1; Ac 25:23

Centurion Mt 8:5; Ac 27:43

Civil ranks

Noble Est 1:3; Est 2:18

Official 1Ch 28:1; Jer 52:10

Governor 1Ki 4:7-19; Hag 1:1; Ac 23:24

Tetrarch Lk 3:1

Heads of clans/tribes Jos 14:1; 1Ki 8:1

Heads of families Nu 7:2; Jos 2:12-13

Division of labour involving different degrees of responsibility Ex 18:20-23

Rank was conferred as a reward

1Sa 18:5

Rank within the priesthood

The high priest Lev 21:10; Nu 35:25,28,32; Hag 1:1; Zec 3:1; Lk 3:2

Priests Ex 28:1-2; Lev 8:5-12; Nu 4:16; Jos 22:31; 2Ki 11:9

Levites Ex 32:26; Nu 1:50; Dt 12:18-19; 2Ch 11:13-14

Officers in the NT church

In contrast to the priesthood, offices within the NT Church are according to gifts; individuals with different gifts are listed but do not form a hierarchy: Ro 12:4-8; 1Co 12:28-30; Eph 4:11 Even where there is a hint of rank, the qualities of both classes are very similar: Php 1:1; 1Ti 3:1-13

Some elders are worthy of double honour 1Ti 5:17 Comparison between verses 17 and 28 of Acts 20 shows that the same individuals could be called “elders”, “overseers” or “shepherds” (pastors).

All believers are called priests 1Pe 2:5,9; Rev 1:6; Rev 5:10; Rev 20:6

Jesus Christ taught his disciples not to seek rank or status

Mt 18:1-4 pp Mk 9:33-37 pp Lk 9:46-48

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