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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5477 property, land
5477 property, land

5477 property, land

All land belongs to God, and he allows people to care for it and use it for their own needs and the needs of others. The land promised to Israel is a special case illustrating the spiritual inheritance of all believers and God’s ultimate purpose for the world.

All land belongs to God

It is in his possession and care Ps 24:1 See also Ex 9:29; Ps 33:5; 1Co 10:26

It is given to human beings to manage Ge 2:15 All exploitation of land is therefore contrary to God’s purpose. See also Ps 8:6; Ps 115:16

The land promised to Israel

It was promised on oath Ge 12:6-7 See also Ge 13:14-17; Ge 15:7,18; Ge 17:8; Ge 50:24; Ex 6:8; Dt 6:10-11; Dt 31:20-21; Jdg 2:1

It was a fruitful land Ex 3:8 See also Lev 20:24; Nu 14:7-8; Jos 5:6

The distribution of the land Lev 25:34; Nu 33:53-54; Nu 35:2-5

Individual land rights

Legitimate purchase or sale Ge 23:15-16; Ge 33:19; Ge 47:20; 2Sa 24:24; Pr 31:16; Jer 32:6-15 Jeremiah’s purchase was an act of faith. Judas bought land with blood money: Mt 27:7-10; Ac 1:18

Examples of renting SS 8:11; Mt 21:33-41 pp Mk 12:1-9 pp Lk 20:9-16

Laws of inheritance Nu 36:6-9; Mic 2:2

Encroachment was forbidden Dt 19:14 Land boundaries were marked out by stones, the removal of which was a serious offence; Dt 27:17; Job 24:2; Pr 22:28; Pr 23:10; Hos 5:10

Redemption of land Lev 25:23-28; Ru 4:2-9

God’s ultimate purpose for the world

The heavenly land Heb 11:13-16 See also Heb 11:8-10

A new heaven and earth Isa 65:17 See also Isa 66:22; Rev 21:1-2

The inheritance of the righteous Mt 5:5 See also Ps 37:11,29; 2Pe 3:13

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