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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5468 promises, human
5468 promises, human

5468 promises, human

Believers must be faithful in keeping promises made to others and to God, because they have been called to live in integrity and truth. False or broken promises are considered as sin.

Examples of promises between people

Ge 14:22-24 Abraham and the king of Sodom; Ge 21:22-24 Abraham and Abimelech; Ge 47:29-31 Jacob and Joseph; Nu 30:1-16 in family life; Jos 2:12-21 Rahab and the spies

Examples of people making promises to God

Ge 28:20-21 Jacob; Jdg 11:29-40 Jephthah; 1Sa 1:11-20 Hannah; 2Sa 15:7-12 Absalom; Ne 10:28-29 returning exiles

Accompaniments to human promises

Taking an oath Dt 6:13 See also Ge 14:22; Ge 21:24; Ge 47:31; Jos 2:12-14; Ne 10:29

Declaring a curse 2Sa 3:35 See also Ru 1:17; 1Sa 14:24; 2Sa 3:9-10; 1Ki 2:23; Mt 26:73-75 pp Mk 14:70-72

Instructions regarding human promises

The importance of keeping promises Nu 30:1-2 See also Ps 50:14; Pr 5:18-23; Mal 2:14-16; Mt 19:4-9

The sin and peril of false promises Lev 19:12 See also Ex 20:7; Dt 23:21; Jer 8:11-12; Eze 13:1-7,10-12; Zec 8:17; 2Pe 2:17-19

The danger of making promises rashly, lightly or in ignorance Ecc 5:1-7 See also Pr 20:25; Mt 14:1-11 pp Mk 6:21-28; Mt 23:16-22

The call of Jesus Christ to integrity and truth in making promises

Mt 5:33-37 See also Dt 23:22-23; Ecc 5:2,5

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