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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5465 profit
5465 profit

5465 profit

In the financial sense, gain through trading. The word is also used in Scripture of spiritual gain.

Legitimate profit

As the result of hard work Pr 14:23; Pr 21:5 See also Pr 31:18

As the reward of generosity Pr 11:24; Lk 6:38

As the gift of God Dt 8:18

It is withheld by God in judgment Dt 28:15-20; Jer 12:13; Hag 1:9

It is for this life only Ecc 1:3-4; 1Ti 6:7

Profiting by oppression

A common practice of the wicked Ecc 5:8-9

It is often cloaked in hypocrisy See also Eze 33:31

It is against God’s law Lev 25:37

It is of little worth See also Pr 11:16; Pr 16:8

It is short-lived Job 20:18-19; Isa 23:17-18; Jer 17:11

It is judged by God Pr 1:18-19; Eze 22:12-14; Mic 4:13; Hab 2:9

Its avoidance is rewarded Pr 28:16; Isa 33:15-16

Profiting by dishonesty

It is common amongst the wicked Jer 22:17

It is forbidden to God’s servants Ex 18:21; 1Sa 8:3; 1Ti 3:8; Tit 1:7

Profiting selfishly

It is common amongst the wicked Isa 56:11

It is avoided by the godly Ps 119:36

Using religion for profit

In the OT See also Nu 22:16-17; 1Sa 2:12-16; Jer 6:13; Jer 8:10

In the NT 2Co 2:17 See also Ac 8:18-23; 1Ti 6:5; Tit 1:11; Jude 11

Profiting spiritually

Through the Scriptures 1Ti 4:13-15; 2Ti 3:16-17

Through wisdom Pr 3:13-14

Through doctrine Tit 3:8

Through godliness and contentment 1Ti 6:6 See also 1Ti 4:8

Through chastening Heb 12:10

Through spiritual gifts 1Co 12:7

Through service Mt 25:14-30; Lk 19:11-27

Through sacrifice Mt 19:29 pp Mk 10:29-30 pp Lk 18:29-30; Heb 11:35

Through death Php 1:21 See also Php 1:23

Doubts expressed about profiting spiritually Job 9:29-31; Job 21:15; Job 34:9; Job 35:1-3; Ps 73:13; Ecc 2:15; Ecc 6:8; Mal 3:14

It is better than worldly wealth Mt 16:26 pp Mk 8:36 pp Lk 9:25

Unprofitable things

See also Ecc 6:11 mere words; Ecc 10:11 delayed action; Isa 44:10 idolatry; Php 3:7 legalistic works; 1Co 13:1-3 zeal without love; 1Co 14:6 speech without understanding; Heb 4:2 hearing without faith; Tit 3:9 needless controversy

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