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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5460 prison
5460 prison

5460 prison

A place of confinement, such as a jail or dungeon, used to imprison individuals.

Irregular prisons

Ge 37:22 A cistern was usually a plaster-coated underground rock cavity used for storing water. See also Nu 12:14-15 Miriam’s confinement may have been as much isolation as punishment; Jer 38:6,13

Houses used as prisons

Jer 37:15 See also 2Sa 20:3; Lk 22:54; Ac 28:16

Legally established prisons

Ge 39:20; Ac 5:18 See also Ge 42:16-19; Jdg 16:21; 1Ki 22:27; 2Ki 17:4; 2Ki 25:27; 2Ch 16:10; Mt 14:3; Lk 21:12; Ac 4:3; Ac 12:4-7; Ac 16:37

Barracks or guardhouses as prisons

Jer 32:2; Ac 22:24; Php 1:12-13

Figurative and poetic use of prisons

Isa 42:7 See also Job 11:10; Ps 88:8; Ps 142:7; Isa 24:22; Lk 12:58; 1Pe 3:19; 2Pe 2:4; Rev 1:18 The restriction of Satan’s activity is pictured as his binding and imprisonment: Rev 20:1,7

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