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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5459 prince
5459 prince

5459 prince

The son of a king, or a very important official, leader or ruler. The title is given to Jesus Christ and also to angelic spirits (in particular Michael and Satan).

A prince as the son of a king

2Ch 11:22 See also 2Sa 13:32; 2Ki 10:6-8; 2Ki 11:2; Ps 45:16

A prince as someone occupying a very important position

Ge 49:26 pp Dt 33:16 See also Ge 23:6; 1Sa 2:8; 2Sa 3:38; Ps 113:8

A prince as a very important official, leader or ruler

Est 1:3 See also Nu 21:18; Nu 22:8,13-15; Jos 13:21; Jdg 5:15; 2Ch 21:4; 2Ch 22:8; Ezr 1:8; Est 6:9; Ps 68:27; Pr 8:16; Eze 21:12 Princes of Israel oppress the people: Eze 22:6; Eze 45:8-9
Eze 38:2-3; Da 9:6; Hos 3:4

The Messiah is described as a prince

Isa 9:6 See also Eze 34:24; Eze 37:25; Eze 44:3; Da 8:11,25

Angelic spirits (whether good or evil) are described as princes

Da 10:13 The prince of the Persian kingdom was possibly a demon, exercising influence in the interests of Satan. See also Da 10:20-21; Da 12:1

Satan is described as a prince

Mt 9:34 See also Mt 12:24 pp Mk 3:22 pp Lk 11:15; Jn 12:31; Jn 14:30; Jn 16:11; Eph 2:2

The splendour of the princess

Ps 45:13 See also Ps 45:9

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