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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5447 poverty, causes of
5447 poverty, causes of

5447 poverty, causes of

To want for the necessities of life is ultimately the result of human sin.

Poverty arises from human sin

Ge 3:17-19 Compare this with the description of Eden in Ge 2:9-14.

Causes of poverty

Divine retribution brings poverty Dt 28:47-48 See also Pr 22:16; Isa 3:1; Am 4:6; Am 5:11

Idleness brings poverty Pr 6:10-11 See also Pr 10:4; Pr 14:23; Pr 20:13; Pr 24:33-34

Dissolute living brings poverty Pr 21:17 See also Pr 6:26; Pr 28:19; Lk 15:14

Lack of discipline brings poverty Pr 13:18; Pr 21:5

Rash promises bring poverty Pr 22:26-27

Debt brings poverty Mt 18:23-25

Neglect of God’s law of giving brings poverty Pr 11:24; Pr 28:22; Ac 20:35

Neglect of God’s work brings poverty Hag 1:9

Oppression brings poverty Jdg 6:6; Job 20:19; Pr 13:23; Isa 1:7; Jas 5:4

Famine brings poverty Ge 45:11; Ge 47:20-21

Misfortune brings poverty Job 1:13-21 These trials were inflicted by Satan but allowed by God as a test of Job’s faith.

Poverty affects good as well as evil people

The righteous often escape poverty Dt 8:7-9; Ps 34:9-10; Ps 37:25

Many of the godly have been poor 2Ki 4:1; Lk 16:20; Ro 15:26

Jesus Christ was poor Mt 8:20

Results of poverty

Poverty results in ruin Pr 10:15

Poverty results in shame See also Pr 13:18; Lk 16:3

Poverty results in misery Pr 31:7

Poverty results in crime Pr 6:30; Pr 30:8-9

Poverty need not lead to ungodliness Ps 119:71; Mk 12:44 pp Lk 21:4; 2Co 8:2; Jas 2:5; Rev 2:9

Voluntary poverty

Jesus Christ’s example of voluntary poverty 2Co 8:9

Voluntary poverty commanded of some Mt 19:21-22 Jesus Christ did not say this to everyone.

Voluntary poverty experienced by others See also Heb 10:34

Love essential in voluntary poverty 1Co 13:3; 2Co 6:10

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