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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5443 pillars
5443 pillars

5443 pillars

Supports or decorations in buildings and free-standing memorial monuments. The word is also used figuratively, with reference to strength and beauty.

Pillars in the temple

1Ki 7:21

Pillars erected as memorials

Ge 28:18-22 See also Ge 31:45-53; Ge 35:14-15,19-20; Ex 24:4; Dt 27:2-6; Jos 4:1-9; 2Sa 18:18

The pillar of cloud and fire

Ex 13:21-22 See also Ex 33:9; Ne 9:12

The figurative use of pillars

Jer 1:18 See also Job 9:6; Job 26:11; Ps 75:3; Ps 144:12; SS 5:15; Gal 2:9; Rev 3:12; Rev 10:1

Kings were sometimes crowned beside a pillar

Jdg 9:6 See also 2Ki 11:12-14 pp 2Ch 23:11-13

Other notable incidents connected with pillars

Lot’s wife and the pillar of salt Ge 19:24-26

Samson’s destruction of a temple Jdg 16:25-30

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