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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5431 oaths, divine
5431 oaths, divine

5431 oaths, divine

Solemn promises made by God to individuals and their offspring. He swears by himself because there is nothing greater to swear by.

God swears by himself

Heb 6:13-14 See also Ge 22:16; Ps 89:35; Isa 45:23; Isa 62:8; Heb 6:16-18

Examples of God’s promises by oath

To Abraham Ge 22:15-18 See also Ge 24:7; Ge 26:3; Ex 33:1; Dt 6:18; Dt 7:8; Lk 1:72-73

To David Ps 132:11-12 See also 2Sa 3:9-10; 2Sa 7:11-16; Ps 89:3-4,35-37; Ac 2:30

To his anointed one Ps 110:4 See also Heb 7:17-28

To the generation in the wilderness Dt 1:34-36 See also Nu 14:20-35; Heb 3:10-11; Ps 95:10-11

To Israel Dt 29:12-15 See also Eze 16:8

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