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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5430 oaths, human
5430 oaths, human

5430 oaths, human

Solemn, binding statements made in God’s name. The OT forbids the making of oaths in the name of other gods and the NT suggests that it is best to refrain from making oaths.

Oaths are considered binding

Nu 30:2 See also Dt 23:21; Mt 23:16-22

Oaths to be taken only in God’s name

Dt 6:13 See also Ps 24:3-4; Jer 12:16

False oaths forbidden

Lev 19:12 See also Ex 20:7 pp Dt 5:11; Lev 6:3-5; Zec 5:3-4

Examples of oaths

In bearing witness Ex 22:11; Nu 5:19; 1Ki 8:31

In showing allegiance 2Ki 11:4; Ecc 8:2; Jer 38:16; Eze 17:13

In covenants Ge 21:22-31; Ge 26:26-31; Ge 31:44-53; Jos 9:3-21

As a curse Jos 6:26; Mt 26:71-74 pp Mk 14:70-71

As assurance that a promise will be kept Ge 14:22-23 See also Ge 24:3-9,37-41; Ge 47:28-31; Ge 50:24-25; Ps 132:1-5

Unwise or thoughtless oaths

Ge 25:33 See also Lev 5:4; Mt 14:6-7 pp Mk 6:22-23

Advice against taking oaths

Jas 5:12 See also Mt 5:33-37

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