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5426 news

5426 news

Information on significant or recent events conveyed through a variety of official or unofficial means. The ministry of Jesus Christ centred on the good news of the kingdom. The Greek word for “gospel” means “good news”.

Political news reported by official and self-appointed messengers

1Sa 31:8-9 See also 2Sa 1:1-10; 2Sa 15:13; 2Sa 18:19-32; 2Ki 7:8-11

Personal news conveyed through friends, relatives and by letter

Col 4:7-9 See also Ge 29:11-13; Php 2:19-20

Divine news announced by angels

Lk 1:19 See also Ge 19:1; Lk 1:26-33; Lk 2:8-12

The effect of good news

Pr 25:25 See also Ge 45:16; Pr 15:30; Na 3:18-19; Jn 4:51-53; 1Th 3:6-10

Reactions to bad news

Jer 49:23 See also 1Sa 4:12-22; 2Sa 4:10; Job 1:14-21; Jnh 3:1-10; Jn 11:1-6

The good news of Jesus Christ

Foretold Nu 24:17; Isa 7:14; Isa 9:7; Isa 11:2; Isa 53:3-12; Isa 61:1-3; Mic 5:2; Zec 9:9; Zec 11:12-13

Announced and demonstrated by Jesus Christ Mt 4:23 See also Mt 11:5; Mk 1:15; Lk 4:17-19,43

Proclaimed by apostles and preachers Ac 14:21 See also Mk 16:15; Ro 10:14-15; 2Ti 1:11

Spread by word of mouth Ac 11:19-20 See also Mt 4:24

Receiving the good news Ac 8:12

Rejecting the good news Ro 10:16

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