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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5424 nationalism
5424 nationalism

5424 nationalism

A concern to preserve or proclaim the distinctive features of a nation or people.

The recognition of different national groups

Ge 10:32 Ge 10:32 is the summary conclusion of the table of nations which begins in Ge 10:1. See also Ge 17:4-6; Ge 19:36-38; Ex 3:8; 1Ki 9:20 pp 2Ch 8:7

Israel was to be a special nation set apart for God

The choosing of the nation of Israel Ex 19:5-6 See also Ge 12:1-3; Ex 33:13; Dt 7:6-8; Dt 14:2; 2Sa 7:23 pp 1Ch 17:21; Ps 33:12; Ro 9:4-5

The mission of Israel to the nations Ex 34:10 See also Dt 4:6

Examples of nationalism

Positive examples Ru 1:16-17 See also Ex 8:23; Ex 34:24; Dt 26:5; Isa 10:6

Negative examples Isa 1:4 See also Nu 13:31-32; Nu 24:14; 1Ki 22:4; Pr 14:34; Isa 14:1-2; Jer 49:31; Eze 36:5; Joel 1:6; Joel 3:2

The people of God transcend all national boundaries

The church is God’s holy nation 1Pe 2:9-10 See also Eph 2:19

People of all nations are included Mt 8:11 See also Mt 28:19; Ac 11:18,20-21; Rev 5:9; Rev 7:9; Rev 14:6

Christian unity is greater than nationalism Gal 3:26-29 See also Ro 9:6-8; Eph 2:11-13

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7236Israel, united kingdom

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