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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5419 mourning
5419 mourning

5419 mourning

The expression of grief at a time of bereavement or repentance, often accompanied by weeping, tearing of clothes and wearing sackcloth.

Regulations for the mourning of priests after bereavement

Lev 21:1-4,10-11

Mourning of God’s people after bereavement

Israel for Aaron Nu 20:29

Israel for Moses Dt 34:8

David for Saul and Jonathan 2Sa 1:11-12 See also 2Sa 1:17-27

David for Absalom 2Sa 18:33

Job for his children Job 1:20-21

Other examples See also Ge 37:34-35; Ge 50:11; 2Sa 13:31; 2Sa 14:2; 2Ch 35:23-25; Mt 2:18; Jn 11:31,33; Ac 8:2

Examples of heathen mourning after bereavement

Isa 15:2-3; Jer 47:5; Jer 48:37; Eze 27:30-32

Mourning as an expression of repentance

Ex 33:4; Ezr 9:3-6

Mourning because of misfortune

2Sa 13:9; Job 2:12-13

The employment of professional mourners

Jer 9:17-18; Am 5:16; Mt 9:23 pp Mk 5:39 pp Lk 8:52

Mourning spoken of metaphorically

Jer 7:29 See also Isa 3:18-24; Eze 7:18; Joel 1:8; Am 8:10; Mic 1:16

As a sign of repentance for sin Joel 2:12-13 See also Isa 22:12

See also

6742sackcloth & ashes

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