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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5418 monotony
5418 monotony

5418 monotony

The sameness that arises through dull and wearisome routines, and which cause individuals to feel bored. Scripture often portrays monotony as a cause of sin, in that individuals, in seeking excitement, often fall into sinful practices.

Monotony can give rise to sin

Discontent in the desert Nu 11:4-6 See also Ex 16:2-3,35; Nu 14:33 The monotony of 40 years in the desert was a judgment on Israel’s unbelief.

At Sinai impatience leads to idolatry Ex 32:1 See also Ex 32:23; Ac 7:40

Situations which give rise to monotony

Desert Ps 107:4-5 See also Dt 1:19; Isa 40:30; Mk 1:12-13

Prison Ps 107:10 See also Jdg 16:21; Ps 66:11; Jer 38:6; Mt 4:12; Rev 2:10

Illness Ps 107:17-18 See also Lev 26:15-16; Job 30:16-17; Ps 6:3; Lk 13:11; Jn 5:5

Storm at sea Ps 107:25-26 See also Jnh 2:3; Ac 27:27

Darkness Ps 143:3 See also Ex 10:22; Ps 130:6; Mk 15:33; Lk 2:8

Work Ge 3:17-19 See also Job 7:2; Ecc 2:11; Gal 6:9; Rev 2:2-3

Siege 2Ki 6:25 See also 2Ki 25:2; Isa 36:12

Slavery Ex 2:23 See also Job 7:2; 1Ti 6:1; 1Pe 2:18

Sleeplessness Job 7:4 See also Est 6:1; Job 30:17; Ecc 5:12; Da 6:18; Heb 12:3

Monotony arising from difficult human relations

A nagging wife Pr 19:13 See also Pr 27:15

Unhelpful counsellors Job 6:6 This refers to the useless advice of Job’s friends. See also Col 4:6 This, by contrast, is how the conversation of Christians is to be characterised.

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