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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5409 metaphor
5409 metaphor

5409 metaphor

An image which suggests similarities between two different ideas, without implying that they are identical. Scripture uses metaphors extensively, as a way of illustrating aspects of its teaching.

Examples of metaphors for God

Father Dt 32:6; Isa 64:8; Mal 2:10; Eph 4:6

Rock Dt 32:4 See also 1Sa 2:2; 2Sa 22:2; Ps 62:2; Ps 78:35

Shepherd Ps 23:1 See also Ps 28:9; Ps 80:1; Eze 34:11-16

Examples of metaphors for Jesus Christ

Bread of life Jn 6:35-51

Good shepherd Jn 10:11,14

Light of the world Jn 8:12; Jn 9:5

Examples of metaphors for the Holy Spirit

Counsellor Jn 14:16,26; Jn 15:26; Jn 16:7

Breath Ge 2:7; Job 32:8; Job 33:4; Job 34:14

Wind Jn 3:8

Examples of metaphors for the church

Bride Rev 19:7; Rev 21:2-9; Rev 22:17

Household of God Eph 2:19; 1Ti 3:15

Body of Christ Ro 12:4; 1Co 12:12-27; Eph 1:22-23; Col 1:24

See also

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