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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5407 merchants
5407 merchants

5407 merchants

Traders who bought and sold goods and articles of value, often transporting their wares from one country to another according to the demands in different localities.

Some merchants transported their goods by caravan

Ge 37:25-28 See also Job 6:15-21

Some merchants traded by sea

Pr 31:14 See also 1Ki 9:26-28 pp 2Ch 8:17-18; 1Ki 10:11-12 pp 2Ch 9:10-11; 1Ki 22:48 pp 2Ch 20:35-37; Ps 107:23; Isa 23:2-3; Eze 27:25

Merchants often lived close to one another

Zep 1:11 See also Ne 3:31-32; Eze 17:4

Merchants set the standards for weights and measures

Ge 23:16 See also Hos 12:7; Am 8:4-6

Ordinary citizens sold goods to merchants

Pr 31:24 See also Ge 37:28; Pr 31:18-19

Merchants were credited with wisdom and shrewdness

Mt 13:44-46

Goods traded by merchants

Rev 18:11-13 See also SS 3:6; Eze 27:12-24

Merchants flourished during Solomon’s reign

1Ki 10:14-15 pp 2Ch 9:13-14 See also 1Ki 10:21-22 pp 2Ch 9:20-21; 1Ki 10:26-29 pp 2Ch 1:14-17

Foreign merchants in Jerusalem

Ne 13:15-22

Cities famed for their merchants

Tyre See also Eze 27:1-36

Tarshish Eze 38:13; Jnh 1:3

Babylon the Great Rev 18:2-24

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