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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5405 medicine
5405 medicine

5405 medicine

The means that God has given for the cure of physical troubles. Medicine often symbolises the application of the gospel of God’s grace in Jesus Christ for the healing of moral and spiritual ills.

Preventative medicine

A cheerful disposition Pr 17:22

Disinfection See also Lev 14:41; Lev 15:5

Salt Eze 16:4

Physical exercise 1Ti 4:8

Curative medicine

Balm Jer 51:8 An example of medicine used as a picture of the gospel. The nation had the cure for its ills in the mercy of God if only it would repent and turn to him. See also Jer 8:22; Jer 46:11

Leaves Eze 47:12 See also Rev 22:2

Mud Jn 9:6 The connection between the medium used and the cure is not always clear. For example, the use of mud, spittle, oil and water appears sometimes to be more symbolic than practical.

Oil Mk 6:13; Lk 10:34; Jas 5:14

A poultice 2Ki 20:7 See also Isa 38:21

Spittle Mk 7:33

Water Lev 15:5; 2Ki 5:10; Jn 9:7

Wine 1Ti 5:23 See also Lk 10:34

Eye salve Rev 3:18

Music The music was intended to cure moods of depression in Saul’s case, and extreme agitation in Elisha: 1Sa 16:23; 1Sa 18:10; 2Ki 3:14-15

Spiritual surgery Mt 5:27-30; Ro 8:13

Soothing medicine

Myrrh Mk 15:23

Oil See also Isa 1:6

Wine Pr 31:6; Mt 27:48; Lk 23:36

Medicine cannot cure everything

Dt 28:27; Jer 17:9; Jer 30:12-13; Jer 46:11; Mk 5:25-26

Application of the gospel as medicine

Mt 11:28 See also Lk 5:31-32

Resurrection as the ultimate medicine for all ills

1Co 15:42-44 See also Php 3:20-21

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