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5404 masters

5404 masters

Those who obtain work from others, whether in the capacity of unpaid service or paid employment. Scripture sets out both the obligations and rights of masters in relation to those who work for them.

Masters have obligations to their servants

To deal fairly with them Job 31:13-14 See also 2Ki 22:7; Job 31:38-40; Mt 10:10-11 pp Lk 10:7; 1Ti 5:18

To be generous Dt 15:12-15,18 See also Phm 12-16

To make provision for rest and worship Dt 5:12-15 pp Ex 20:8-11 See also Ex 12:43-44; Dt 16:11-16

Not to defraud them Lev 19:13 Day labourers were paid in the evening (see Mt 20:8). Delaying payment could cause great hardship to a poor man. See also Dt 24:15; Mal 3:5; Jas 5:4

Not to exploit them Dt 24:14 See also Ge 31:7,41; Isa 58:3; Jer 22:13; Ac 16:16,19

Not to neglect them Dt 12:19 See also Dt 14:27

Not to oppress them Eph 6:9 See also Ge 16:6; Ex 1:11-14; Ex 21:20-21,26-27; Lev 25:39-55; 1Ki 12:4,10-14; Isa 30:12-13

God is the heavenly Master over earthly masters

Col 4:1 See also Eph 6:9; Mt 25:14-30 pp Lk 19:12-26

Blessings promised to good masters

Pr 19:17 See also Dt 15:10; Pr 28:27

Examples of good and bad masters

Good masters Ge 18:19 Abraham; Job 31:13-15 Job; Lk 7:2 a Roman centurion

Bad masters Ge 16:6 Sarah; Ge 31:7 Laban; Ge 39:7-20 Potiphar’s wife

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